Indonesian Bali "God Mountain" - Unroasted

Price: $17.00/kg


A prime example of Indonesia's Balinese coffee. Roast it dark to bring out the best in body and tones.

This speciality coffee will only be available for a limited time.

This exotic Balinese coffee is grown in the volcanic highlands of Kintamani. In this area, farmers belong to a traditional collective farming group called Subak Abian, an agricultural and religious system guided by the basic principle of the ‘Three Happy Causes’ (Tri Hita Karana). This Hindu philosophy emphasises the relation of the individual to God, to other men, and to the environment. ‘God Mountain’ coffee is produced free from pesticides and fertilizers during growth and prepared using the wet hulled processed for an authentic Indonesian flavour.

Coffee Type:
  • Single Origin
  • Green Beans